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Championship Flight:
1st Place            Lee Ann Riley     
2nd Place           Lori Daniel
1st Consolation   Lynn Bishop
2nd Consolation  Lan Davis

First Flight                    
1st Place            Laurie Rutherford 
2nd Place           Cindy Obermeyer
1st Consolation   Brenda Simmons
2nd Consolation  Marianne Seal

Second Flight
1st Place            Carrie Faulkner   
2nd Place           Dianne Dillard
1st Consolation   Deborah Rounsavall
2nd Consolation  Claudia Willis

Third Flight
1st Place            Linda Sackett      
2nd Place           Frances Cohn     
1st Consolation   Mary Burum        
2nd Consolation  Kay Beard

Fourth Flight
1st Place            Linda Bowser      
2nd Place           Tambra Offield
1st Consolation   Karen Toland
2nd Consolation  Shirley Rabuck

Fifth Flight
1st Place            Connie May
2nd Place           Faye Wilkins
1st Consolation   Nancy Franklin
2nd Consolation  Elizabeth Jones

Sixth Flight
1st Place            Jackie DuPree
2nd Place           Pauline Loyd
1st Consolation   Shari Bledsoe
2nd Consolation  Patricia Bazely

Seventh Flight
1st Place            Sallie Coombs
2nd Place           Mary Tomes
1st Consolation   Sarah Bob Taylor
2nd Consolation  Linda Whitis

Eighth Flight
1st Place            Karen Hyde        
2nd Place           Ginny Nash
1st Consolation   Mary Taylor
2nd Consolation  Sharon Thorson

The site's goal is to share information about the organization.  It is the wish of the Board of Directors that all members and prospective members may stay informed of all the organization's golf news.

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